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Powerslide Brusle

Powerslide Powerarch 45 Velcro Straps 2-Souprava

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If you want to maximize the amount of heel-lock on your inliners or roller skates then these straps are for you

This set of 45° ankle/power straps will help push your feet to the heel-end of your skates and add a more optimized power-transfer to your skate sessions. They will also help you make a pair of "flimsy"/unstable skates more rigid and stiff.

  • Wrap them on the outside of your skates and simply strap them in
  • Velcro closing
  • Nano-leather material
  • Will work with both rollerblades, aggressive skates, and also side-by-side skates
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Wirklich gut und praktisch. Bei meinen Powerslide ist der Verschluß defekt, deshalb diese Teile dran und es passt wieder super.
Henrik Z. (Salem)
14. 04. 2020
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