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Take good care of your head and ride with a BMX bike helmet

BMX helmets are made to protect your head when you are riding at the street, in the park, flatland or dirt. Furthermore, BMX helmets give you that extra guts needed to perform your best because you know that your head is safe.

It's not only amateurs that use BMX helmets, but the pro riders also wear BMX helmets because they know that a concussion or worse will put them on a timeout for a long time.

All the BMX helmets you find here at SkatePro has an EN 1078 Certificate. This means that the helmets are approved for both BMX biking, skating, and scootering.

What BMX racing helmets should you choose?

One thing is a BMX helmet for freestyle BMX, what should you look for when you are shopping for BMX racing helmets?

Well, in race BMX it is standard to use a BMX full face helmets, to keep your skull and brain safe when you are racing to be the first one to cross the finish line at the race track.

All the BMX full face helmets you will find in our BMX helmet category are made for race BMX.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt about what helmet to choose or do you have a question regarding either BMX bike helmets or BMX BMX racing helmets.

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