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Tempish Slide Mat

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Délka: 230cm
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Have a blast whilst getting in shape with the Tempish Slide Mat

If you want to keep your skating or skiing techniques fresh when the season is off, then this slide mat will help you focus in on similar muscle groups.

It is also a super fun way to stay in shape in general and can be used by the whole family.

Included are the mat and two shoe covers.

Width: 50cm

recenze   (29)
Erfüllt seinen zweck und ist ein geeignetes indoor trainingsgerät.
Rene Bauer (Waldegg)
13. 01. 2020
Hodnocení: 4 5!
Nice training product. The material could be a little thicker, but it works as expected.
O. Duarte (Wien, Alsergrund)
17. 10. 2019
Hodnocení: 4 5!
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