Powerslide Brusle

Powerslide Off Road Renegade Rámu Sada

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Unleash the power of your Trinity boots and take to the forests for some off-road action

If you own a pair of Powerslide Swell, Next or other boots with the Trinity mounting you can now get a matching set of frames to take you far off the beaten paths of the city

Cruise the local dirt roads with a 3 x 125mm air tire-setup

The somewhat smaller wheels on this Renegade frameset is built to take you onto gravel ad dirt-roads in maximum comfort, allowing you to get some exercise done, whilst enjoying mother-nature up close and in person


  • 2 x Powerslide Renegade frames
  • 6 x V-Mart air tires 5" x 1.25" - Max pressure 7.0 Bar/100 PSI
  • 12 x Wicked 608 SUS Rustproof bearings with rubber shield on both sides
  • 6 x spacers for wheels
  • 6 x single sided 8mm axles
  • 1 x Torx T25 T-tool
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