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Freshpark grind rails and ramps

Freshpark Ricky Johnson Jump Ramp

19 290 Kč
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Big jump ramp for big airs, recommended for Motocross and Bmx. Easy to set up and foldable for easy transport and 3 size height adjustable to suit the jump you want.

Highest adjustment level is 40” (101cm)
Ramp Dimension at Full Height is 102”L x 40”W x 40”H
Folded Dimensions are 48”Lx 40”Hx 6”W

Powder Coated Steel, equipped with 6 Knobs, 6 Legs, 4 panels, toe piece, 4 cross braces, removable wheel kit and hardware.

(20Ft curve radius.)

Ships in 2 boxes.
Box 1 = 83 lbs 40 inches x 24 inches x 7 inches
Box 2 = 83 lbs 40 inches x 24 inches x 7 inches