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Paris Truck Co.

Paris V3 165 Longboard Truck

929 Kč
Úhel: 50°
Na skladě
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Bear Trucky Abec 7 Spaceballs Ložiska 8-balení(+ 509Kč)
Loaded Jehu V2 Ložiska(+ 569Kč)
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Loaded Rectangle Riser Pads
1.5mm (+ 129Kč)
3mm (+ 129Kč)
Loaded 1/16" Drop Through Shockpads
Ano prosím (+ 129Kč)
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Blood Orange Morgan Pro 65mm Kolečka na Longboard
Midnight Green - 80A (+ 1 290Kč)
Red Core - 82A (+ 1 290Kč)
Midnight Red - 82A (+ 1 290Kč)
Midnight Blue - 84A (+ 1 290Kč)
Blood Orange Morgan Pro 70mm Kolečka na Longboard
Midnight Green - 80A (+ 1 390Kč)
Red Core - 82A (+ 1 390Kč)
Midnight Red - 82A (+ 1 390Kč)
Midnight Blue - 84A (+ 1 390Kč)
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SkatePro MultiTool Pro Skateboard
Ano prosím
Může se hodit
SkatePro MultiTool Pro Skateboard
SkatePro MultiTool Pro Skateboard (Black) (1 ks)
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199 Kč
+ 129 Kč
1 ks
1 ks
2 ks
3 ks
4 ks
5 ks
6 ks
7 ks
8 ks
Limited quantity available
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Got a slightly narrow longboard setup and in need of the perfect truck?

Then do yourself a favor and grab one of the new V3 165 trucks, made to fit beautifully with most decks around the 9" mark and down. They will give you a slightly higher level of grip and stability over the bigger size. Created with their new forming process that makes these trucks stronger than any cast truck available.

Updates on the hanger and a reinforced baseplate

  • With the new design of the hanger, you get the strongest to date from Paris, which is actually saying a lot
  • The baseplate has received an added support beam to increase strength and to help relieve stress in this area
  • A tougher and more resilient kingpin is used which hold the updated bushings in place


  • T6 heat treatment
  • SCM440 Alloy steel axles
  • Redesigned conically shaped bushings made with an improved formula
  • SCM435 Alloy steel kingpin
Šířka hangeru:
165mm (6.5")
Typ trucků:
Standardní kingpin, Standardní hanger
Kusů v balení:
Chromovaná Ocel, Hliník
Montážní šrouby:
Není zahrnuto
Šířka osičky:
Úhel hangeru:
Jízdní styl:
Dancing, Cruise, Carve